15-800.00 Disorderly Conduct

EDITORIAL NOTE: New Section 15-800.00 created under the authority of Ordinance No. 91-1535, adopted 12/19/91.

    No person holding a retail dealer's permit, and no servant, agent, or employee of the permitee, shall participate in or allow any nude or partially nude dancer, host, hostess, waiter or waitress on the premises, whether in the capacity as an employee, entertainer, guest, invitee, patron, or otherwise.

    "Nude" or "Partially Nude" is defined as less than completely or opaquely covered and exposing:

    a)    Human genitals, pubic region;
    b)    All of the buttocks area;
    c)    Female breast area below a point immediately above the top of the areola.

    Any violation hereof shall constitute a misdemeanor punishable under the General Provisions in Chapter 1 of the Code of Ordinances, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

    This Ordinance shall become effective and be deemed enacted immediately upon [the] Police Jury President's signature.
(Ord. No. 91-1535, adopted 12/19/91)

CROSS REFERENCE: See also Section 3-139.01 and Section 3-176.01.

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