16-001.00 Curfew At North Shore Beach Park

    There is hereby established a sundown curfew at North Shore Beach Park. (Ord. No. 1158, adopted 05/22/80; Ord. No. 81-212, adopted 06/04/81)


16-002.00 Campgrounds, Amusement Parks - Definitions

    (a) Amusement parks as used herein shall be places of amusement as defined in Section 12-030.00, Subsection (1) of this Code of Ordinances (formally Sec. 12-121(1) of the St. Tammany Parish Code published by the Municipal Code, Corp. 1979-1987)

    (b) Campground as used herein shall mean any privately owned land or area offered for use and/or occupancy to the public as a recreational or playground facility where spaces are rented on a temporary or short term basis to campers or other persons who utilize the facilities overnight or on a temporary basis, or a mobile home or trailer park offered for use and/or occupancy to transients for hire for less than seven (7) consecutive days, any or all of the foregoing operated as a commercial venture and for profit potential and for which a Parish Occupational License is required. As so used, same shall include private parks open to the public for a fee and recreational facilities whether or not overnight camping is permitted.

    (c) Manager as used herein shall be the person(s) designated by the owner to operate or supervise the daily operations of the campground or amusement park. The word "manager" shall also mean "operator" and the words are used interchangeably.

    (d) Owner as used herein shall be the title owner(s) thereof.
(Ord. No. 82-423, adopted 08/19/82)


16-003.00 Same - Applicability

    This Article shall apply only in the unincorporated areas of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. (Ord. No. 82-423, adopted 08/1982)


16-004.00 Same - Written Warnings And Signs Required; Contents

    (a) The owner and/or manager of any campground or amusement park as defined herein is required to issue a written warning to all such campers or users thereof advising them that all property surrounding such campground or facility is under private ownership and that all legal property rights vest with the owner thereof and that the general trespass laws of the State of Louisiana apply uniformly to St. Tammany Parish, and that the trespass law will be enforced and that violators thereof are subject to prosecution.

    (b) The written warning can be on the reverse side of a receipt, on a separate document or paper or in lieu, thereof, a copy of this article can be issued to each person or camper. The warning must be given upon arrival of the camper at the campground and if a copy of the article is not provided, the warning shall contain the following language or words:


        All property outside this campground or amusement park that is not owned by the owners of this facility is private property under private ownership. Louisiana trespass laws apply to private property in compliance therewith. Violations of trespass laws shall be strictly enforced and can subject violators thereof to criminal prosecution."

    (c) It is further required of each campground and amusement park owner and/or operator to place a sign at his own expense at the campground or amusement park property line but on campground or amusement property, where it can easily be read by each person traveling said street or road exiting the campground or amusement park, said sign required to measure a minimum of four (4) feet by four (4) feet whereupon the following message or words shall be placed:


        All property outside this campground and amusement park is privately owned. The Louisiana trespass law applies and where applicable shall be strictly enforced. Violators are subject to prosecution."

    (d) The word "warning" shall be at least three (3) inches in height. All other lettering shall be a minimum of two (2) inches in height. (Ord. No. 82-432, adopted 08/19/82)


16-005.00 Same - Failure To Issue Written Warnings And Post Signs

    It shall be unlawful and a misdemeanor punishable as is contained in Section 1-008.00 of this Code of Ordinances for any owner and/or manager to fail to issue the written warning and post and maintain the warning sign(s) required hereunder. (Ord. No. 82-423, adopted 08/19/82)


16-006.00 Authority to Regulate Conduct at Recreational District Facilities

    The Boards of Commissioners of Parish Recreational Districts are authorized to promulgate guidelines, rules and regulations governing the conduct of participants and spectators of events at recreational district facilities, to provide for the consequences in the event of a violation thereof, and shall adopt procedures for the enforcement of same. In exercising the authority granted hereby, the Board of Commissioners has authority to gather evidence, hold quasi-judicial proceedings, and provide for the punishment of any violations, which may include prohibiting the violator from entering the recreational district property under their control.
(Ord. No. 03-0803, adopted 12/04/2003)

SECS. 16-007.00 - 16-015.00 Reserved.