16-031.00 Created; Boundaries

    A recreation district is hereby created within the Parish which shall comprise and embrace all of that territory within the following described boundaries:

        Northern boundary line to the Bogue Chitto River down to Dobsons Slue, to Mississippi State Line and existing Boundaries East, West and South of Precinct 1, Ward 5, as used in voting.
(Ord. No. 676, Bk. 8, P. 201)


16-032.00 Name, Status And Powers

    The recreation district herein created shall be known and is hereby designated as "Recreation District No. 2 of the Parish of St. Tammany, State of Louisiana," and as thus created, shall constitute a public corporation and political subdivision of the state, and as such, shall have all the rights, powers and privileges granted and conferred by the constitution and statutes of the state, including the authority to incur debt, to issue bonds and to levy taxes. (Ord. No. 676, Bk. 8, P. 201)


16-032.01 Board of Commissioners

    The Board of Commissioners shall be comprised of five (5) members. There shall be four (40 members nominated and appointed by the Parish Council. There shall be one (1) member nominated and appointed by the Parish President. (Ord. No. 00-0157, adopted 06/01/2000)


16-033.00 Domicile

    The domicile of the recreation district created herein is hereby designated as the Recreation Center, Bush, Louisiana, which domicile is within the boundaries of said recreation district. (Ord. No. 676, Bk. 8, P. 201)

SECS. 16-034.00 - 16-040.00 Reserved.