16-138.00    Purpose

    A.    Within the Parish of St. Tammany, there are many unique and distinctive residential neighborhoods which contribute significantly to the overall character and scenic beauty of the Parish. They are worthy of recognition because of natural, historical, architectural or cultural features which enhance the quality of life for parish residents. As a matter of public policy, Parish Government aims to recognize and promote the value of these residential neighborhoods by the designation of these areas as “Scenic Neighborhoods”.

B.    The purposes of a Scenic Neighborhood designation in residential neighborhoods are as follows:

    1.     To recognize and encourage desirable and unique physical features, design characteristics, historical or cultural charm;
    2.     To inspire, cultivate, and preserve scenic features which enhance quality of life for residents;

    3.     To foster new compatible growth; and

    4.     To provide residents and property owners with a tool for encouraging and strengthening civic pride.

16-138.01    Designation Criteria

To be designated as a Scenic Neighborhood, the area must meet the following criteria:

    A. Possess distinctive natural, historical, architectural or cultural features that create a cohesive identifiable setting unique within the Parish; or

    B. Possess special scenic characteristics such as creek beds, parks, greenbelts, gardens, street landscaping, nature trails, or water features; or

    C. Abuts or links designated historical, architectural or cultural landmarks; or

    D. Abuts or links designated nature preserves or scenic rivers; and

    E. Has an organized homeowner or neighborhood association which actively works to preserve the neighborhood's scenic characteristics.


16-138.02    Designation Procedures

The creation of a Scenic Neighborhood shall be considered upon one of the following:

    A. A petition to the Parish Council for designation as a Scenic Neighborhood by at least 51% of the property owners within the proposed scenic area; or

    B. The Parish Council, on its own initiative or at the request of Parish Administration, may consider the creation of a Scenic Neighborhood.


16-138.03    Signs

    Following the designation of a scenic neighborhood by Ordinance of the Parish Council, it shall be the sole obligation and expense of the homeowners residing therein to obtain and place appropriate signs indicating that said area is a “St. Tammany Parish Scenic Neighborhood”. Permission is herewith granted to place said signs on parish roads or rights- of-way, provided written approval therefor is first had and obtained from the Department of Public Works.


16-138.04    Scenic Neighborhoods Created

    The following areas are hereby designated as St. Tammany Parish Scenic Neighborhoods:

        “Bogue Rivers Nature Preserve” - consisting of Bogue Glen Subdivision and Magnolia Gardens Subdivision.

(Ord. C.S. No. 03-0752, adopted 09/04/2003)