2-091.00 Establishment Of Departments

    The Parish Administration shall be divided into specific offices and departments. The President hereby creates as of January 20, 2000, and to take effect immediately from the time of abolition of all prior parish governmental departments, agencies and/or offices, the following Parish departments, offices and agencies, as per law:
    Office of the President
    Department of Inter Governmental Relations
    Department of Office of Community Action
    Department of Finance
    Department of Permits & Regulatory
    Department of Public Works
    Department of Planning
    Department of Engineering
    Department of Facilities Management
    Department of Environmental Services
    (Ord. No. 84-42, adopted 03/15/84; Ord. No. 84-141, adopted 06/21/84; Ord. No. 88- 918, adopted 02/21/88; amended by Ord. No. 94-1991, adopted 06/16/94; amended by Ord. No. 95-2333, adopted 12/14/95; amended by Ord. No. 97-2754, adopted 10/23/97; amended by Ord. No. 00-0109, adopted 02/17/2000; amended by Ord. No. 00-0177, adopted 07/06/2000)


2-092.00 Duties Of Departments


    The general duties and responsibilities of each office and/or department herein shall be as follows:

    A.    To perform such services as is necessary to carry out its legislative functions
    B.    To ensure the safety, health and well-being of the citizens of this Parish
    C.     To be responsive and responsible to the needs of the citizens of St. Tammany Parish

    The further duties of these offices, agencies and/or departments shall be as follows:

     1.     The Office of the President shall include the Parish President, Chief Administrative Officer, Legal Counsel, and such administrative assistants and clerical staff necessary to perform the charges mandated by the Charter and effectively govern the day to day affairs of parish government. The President shall also possess those powers outlined in the Parish Charter, together with those inherent duties and powers not otherwise enumerated in the Charter as are necessary to operate the affairs of this Parish. All duties previously listed for the Parish Manager under section 2-048 shall now be transferred to the position of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO); the CAO is directly answerable to the President. The prior Parish code is amended accordingly.
    2.     The Department of Inter Governmental Services shall include the Information Services Agency, the Government Access Channel Agency, the Personnel Office, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Office of Capital Improvement and Office of Special Projects. These offices shall provide such administrative and technical support as is necessary to service the needs of the Parish of St. Tammany and shall provide such intergovernmental and intra-governmental support as is necessary.
    3.     The Department of Community Action shall include but is not limited to the Office of Food Stamps and Office of Housing. Each office herein shall provide such service to ensure that food stamps, housing, and community action is overseen and maintained as per law. This department shall also be responsible to provide any and all information and the processing of applications for community service programs that include but are not limited to weatherization, mortgage & residential assistance, utilities assistance & heat relief, and homeless shelter assistance programs. This department shall also be responsible for the administration of the food stamp office, community food & nutrition programs, commodities distribution, and emergency food bank.
    4.     The Department of Finance shall include but is not limited to the Office of Accounting, the Office of Purchasing, and Office of Insurance. These offices shall provide such administrative and technical support to ensure that the finances of St. Tammany Parish are maintained and fiscally sound. This department shall maintain all Parish insurance programs and policies, accounting, budgeting, collection of funds, financial reporting, investing; distribution of Parish funds shall be included in the powers and duties of this department. Financial administration of federal and state grants, administration of payroll and oversight of all payroll shall likewise be the duty and function of this office. Accepting and regulation of letters of credit, assessments, impact fees, and all other payments to this Parish shall likewise be responsibility of this department.
    5.     The Department of Permits & Regulatory shall include but is not limited to the Office of Violations & Code Enforcement, Office of Building Plan Review, and Office of Inspections. This department shall be specifically vested with the powers and duties to do what is necessary to protect the people and property of St. Tammany Parish to ensure oversight of development, environmental

issues, drainage matters and that which is necessary to protect the interests of the Parish. Generally, this department shall administer the regulatory and permitting functions, building permit application process, code inspections, plan review, and enforcement of the Parish; this department shall also oversee the administration of all land use control, building inspection and code enforcement activities of the Parish, including but not limited to permitting of land clearing and site development. This department shall also assist and coordinate with the established Trade Boards for code review as well as the Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, and Board of Adjustment. This department shall work with any federal, state or local agency that in any way is involved with the drainage or flood control programs that may affect this Parish.
    6.     The Department of Planning shall include but is not limited to the Offices of Land Use, Office of Long Range Planning, and Office of Transportation & Grant Management. This department shall maintain and update the Parish Land Use Map, including jurisdictional boundaries of municipalities, shall work with and shall update and maintain collection of sales tax from the Drainage District No. 3 of Slidell, shall coordinate drainage matters with St. Tammany Parish Gravity Drainage District No. 5, shall work in cooperation with all drainage districts and seek such implementation of rules and regulations necessary to protect the Parish of St. Tammany from other flood or drainage concerns that are not otherwise covered by Drainage District Number 3 or 5, coordinate such oversight with the Parish Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and such other departments/agencies of this Parish as may be herein established. This department shall also provide staff coordination to the Finance Director with grant-in-aid applications and shall also provide technical assistance for the 2025 Comprehensive Planning Program.
    7.     The Department of Public Works shall include but is not limited to the Office of Infrastructure Maintenance, Office of Drainage Maintenance and Office of Solid Waste. This department shall be responsible for the scheduling, coordinating and administration of Public Works activities in this Parish that involve or that in anyway are related to the maintenance of all Parish roads, bridges and/or drainage structures. This department shall oversee all activities and maintain all documentation for Parish road and/or drainage maintenance activity.
    8.     The Department of Engineering shall include but is not limited to the Office of Sub-Division & Wetland Review, Office of Survey, Office of Capital Improvements, Office of Design & Construction, Office of Drainage Design and Construction. This department shall be vested with the right to oversee, enlist, contract and perform the professional and technical tasks necessary to provide drainage analysis and design, review of any residential or commercial infrastructure development, coordination and participation in federal and state programs including but not limited to 404 Wetland permits, participation and cooperation with local municipalities involving inter and intra-connecting infrastructure, the analysis and inspection of federal and/or state Off System Bridge Programs, in addition to all that may be owned and maintained by the

Parish, design and inspection of all infrastructure in cooperation with the director of Public Works, including but not limited to the Capital Improvement Projects and those programs developed by any State Drainage District, design and implementation of any resolution of drainage or roadway deficiencies as may be needed by the Parish, provide technical assistance at the request of any drainage, lighting or road district situated within this Parish, provide all land surveying necessary and the monitoring of all construction contracts of existing roads and bridges through the Capital Improvement Program. This department shall also be charged with providing technical assistance to the Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, and Board of Adjustments.
    9.     The Department of Facilities Management shall include but is not limited to the Office of Building & Grounds, Office of Animal Services, and Office of Tammany Trace. This department is responsible for the general upkeep, maintenance and repair of all Parish owned buildings and movables.

    10. The Department of Environmental Services shall properly and orderly continue the operation of the Environmental Services Commission to protect and oversee that which is necessary to ensure safety , health, and well-being of citizens, together with the maintenance of the parish environment.

(Ord. No. 84-42, adopted 03/15/84; Ord. No. 84-141, adopted 06/21/84; Ord. No. 88-918, adopted 02/18/88; Ord. No. 88-1002, adopted 03/14/88; amended by Ord. No. 97-2754, adopted 10/23/97; amended by Ord. No. 00-0109, adopted 02/17/2000, amended by Ord. No. 00-0177, adopted 07/06/2000)    


2-092.01 Special Project Responsibilities

    Special project assignments shall reside with the Parish Manager. (Ord. No. 94- 1991, adopted 06/16/94; amended by Ord. No. 95-2333, adopted 12/14/95)

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