2-115.00 Members

    All members of a Parish Board, Panel, and/or Commission shall meet the following qualifications:

        (a) be of the age of eighteen (18) years or older,
        (b)    be a resident and domiciled in the Parish of St. Tammany for a period of six consecutive months immediately prior to nomination,
                (c) be of good moral character,
        (d)    be a registered voter of this Parish,
                (e) be subject to the Code of Governmental Ethics at La. R.S. 42:1101 et seq. or as per law,
        (f)     unless otherwise authorized by law, shall not be paid compensation whatsoever for the privilege to serve hereunder.

    Members of all Boards, Panels, Committees and Commissions which are only concerned with certain areas of the parish (not parish wide) shall be nominated by the council member(s) representing the affected district(s). In cases where the Parish President is

authorized to appoint a member(s), the appointment shall be made from the residents of the affected district(s).


2-115.01 Appointments

     All positions on any Board, Panel, Committee, and Commission to be nominated by the Parish President, said nominee shall be unilaterally and exclusively appointed by the Parish President and immediately confirmed without delay and shall not require further action from or by the Parish Council. Appointments to Boards, Panels, Committees or Commissions by the Council shall be by resolution, or as per law.


2-115.02 Terms

    Terms of office for all Boards, Panels, Committees and Commissions shall be those set out in the statute, ordinance and/or resolution originally creating each Board, Panel, Committee and Commission.
(Ord. No. 00-0157, adopted 06-01-2000)



Sec. 2-116.00 22nd Judicial District Children and Youth Planning Board Created

    In accordance with La. R.S. 46:1941.1 et seq., there is hereby created the 22nd Judicial District Children and Youth Planning Board to be composed of members appointed by the governing authorities of St. Tammany and Washington Parishes.
    The sole responsibility of parish government herein is establishment and appointment of the board and nothing contained in said statutes mandates that the parish is responsible for funding operational expenses of the board.

Sec. 2-116.01 Purpose and Function of Board

    The purpose of the 22nd Judicial District Children and Youth Planning Board is to assist in the formulation of a comprehensive plan for the development, implementation, and operation of services and programs that address the needs of children and youth, including those at risk for, or identified with, social, emotional, or developmental problems, including, but not limited to educational failure, abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, juvenile or parental mental illness, juvenile or parental substance abuse, poverty, developmental disabilities and delinquency.

    The board is intended to encourage collaborative efforts among local stakeholders for assessing the physical, social, behavioral, and educational needs of children and youth in their respective communities and for assisting in the development of comprehensive plans to address such needs. The infrastructure for planning is intended to be data-driven in order to select appropriate evidence-based programs which will maximize available resources.

Sec. 2-116.02 Legislative Authorization

    The Louisiana State Legislature authorizes the establishment of children and youth planning boards to assist in development, implementation, and operation of services which

encourage positive development, diversion of children and youth from the criminal justice and the foster care system, reduction in the commitments of youth to state institutions, and providing community response to the growing rate of juvenile delinquency.

    The coordination and implementation of services shall include, but are not limited to prevention, early intervention, diversion, alternatives to home displacement, alternatives to incarceration, and treatment services. Through such boards, the state intends to foster and promote a continuum of community-based services and systems reflecting service integration at the state and community or local levels.

    The Louisiana Children's Cabinet, a state agency within the Office of the Governor, shall facilitate the creation of children and youth planning boards by offering guidance and technical assistance to local communities and governing authorities, including resource identification, needs assessments, monitoring and performance evaluation, strategic planning and other forms of assistance and support.

Sec. 2-116.03 Board Composition; Terms; Duties

    The 22nd Judicial District Children and Youth Planning Board shall encompass the Parishes of St. Tammany and Washington and consist of fourteen (14) members, ten (10) appointed by the St. Tammany Parish governing authority and four (4) appointed by the Washington Parish governing authority.

    Those appointed shall include, but need not be limited to: members of the education community, criminal justice community, health care community, social services community, faith-based community, business and labor communities, and parenting and youth organizations.

    Terms of all members shall be for a period of two (2) years. Vacancies shall be filled by the original appointing authority in the same manner provided by state law.

    Board members representing St. Tammany shall include eight (8) appointed by the Parish Council and two (2) appointed by the Parish President.

    The duties and responsibilities of Board members shall be as provided in La. R.S. 46:1941.8.
(Ord. 05-1204, adopted 10/06/2005)

SEC. 2-117.00 through 2-120.00 reserved



SEC. 2-121.00 Authority

    Pursuant to the provisions of the Public Trust Law, particularly R.S. 9:2341(A), the creation of the Finance Authority of St. Tammany Parish, under the terms of a Trust Indenture dated this date, is hereby expressly approved and the form, terms and provisions of said Trust Indenture be and the same are in all respects approved, a copy of said Trust Indenture being on file in the office of the Clerk of this Parish Council.
(Ord. 06-1368, adopted 09/07/2006)

SEC. 2-121.01 Beneficiary

    The Parish Council accepts the beneficial interest of said Trust on behalf of the Parish as Beneficiary and does hereby empower, authorize and direct the Parish President to execute an acceptance on behalf of the Parish of the beneficial interest in the Trust created by the foregoing Trust Indenture.

SEC. 2-121.02 Trustees

    The initial Trustees of said Trust, all being citizens and residents of St. Tammany Parish, and their terms of office, are as follows:
(Ord. 06-1368, adopted 09/07/2006)

        NAME                                                TERM

PETER LINK                                        1 YEAR
Executive Vice President-Security Officer
Parish National Bank
RICHARD L MULLER                                2 YEARS
President-First Community Bank
RONALD RANDOLPH                            2 YEAR
Director of Accounting Services
St. Tammany Parish Public School System

CHRIS KELLER                                        3 YEARS
CEO - Resource Bank

DAVE ANDERSON                                    3 YEARS
Vice President-Hancock Bank
    In the event that an appointed Trustee is unable to complete his term of office, the following individuals have been named as alternates to serve in his place:


            RALPH MENETRE, III
            Sr. Vice President-Chase Commercial Real Estate
            Vice President-Whitney National Bank
            PETER J. CAVIGNAC
            Vice President-Whitney National Bank
    All Trustees (after the initial term set forth above) shall serve for a term of three (3) years upon their appointment. The successors to said Trustees shall be appointed by this Parish Council as the governing authority of the Parish of St. Tammany, Louisiana, in accordance with the provisions of said Trust Indenture.
(Ord. 06-1368, adopted 09/07/2006)

SEC. 2-121.03 Trust Approval

    Application be and the same is hereby formally made to the State Bond Commission, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for approval of said Trust in accordance with the provisions of the Trust Indenture; and further, that a certified copy of this ordinance and an executed copy of said Trust Indenture shall be forwarded to the State Bond Commission, together with a letter requesting the prompt consideration and approval of this application. (Ord. 06-1368, adopted 09/07/2006)

SEC. 2-121.04 Recordation

    Upon the execution of said Trust Indenture by the Settlor and the Trustees, an executed copy thereof, together with the written acceptance of the beneficial interest endorsed thereon, shall be recorded in the official records of the Clerk of Court of the Parish of St. Tammany , in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 9:2342(A).
(Ord. 06-1368, adopted 09/07/2006)

SEC. 2-122.00 through 2-124.00 reserved.



SEC. 2-125.00 Purpose

    The purpose of the Economic Development Ordinance is to implement a formal incentive policy for St. Tammany Parish. Incentives have become an important and nearly universal element in community economic development. Tax abatement is an economic development strategy to mitigate the heavy costs usually associated with the construction of a new, or expansion of an existing, facility that enhances the economic base of the community. Because property tax revenue is the means to providing vital community services, it is the philosophy of government that tax abatement be utilized sparingly, and only after careful consideration of the economic impact. Nothing herein shall imply or warrant that St. Tammany Parish is under any obligation to provide tax abatement to any applicant. Community leaders want to have transparent policies that treat all companies equally. This type of transparency is an important community asset.
(Ord. 06-1475, adopted 12/07/2006)

SEC. 2-125.01 Project Screening Criteria

    All advance notifications requesting state incentives should be approved by the Parish Administration. Incentives should be employed to attract projects that would not otherwise locate in St. Tammany Parish. Incentives shall be available to expanding companies, as well as new companies in St. Tammany Parish. To qualify, an expansion must increase overall plant production capacity by 10 percent (% ) or decrease overall plant unit costs by 10 %. Local incentives may be granted to projects that meet the following screening criteria:

    .    Minimum of ten permanent jobs during the first 12 months of the project.
    .    At least 65 % of the market for the company must be outside St. Tammany.
            .    The ten jobs figure represents jobs saved, rather than new jobs created, in the case of retention projects.
    .    The ten job minimum may be waived in the case of target industries.

SEC. 2-125.02 Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Policy

    Under $1 million investment                 None
    Over $1 million investment                Sliding scale starting at 100 %
                                                exemption in year 1, declining to
        90 % in year 2, followed by a 10%
        per annum phase out over next 8 years

    The amount of the incentive would be capped at $20,000 for every new job created at a wage of $13.50/hour. The amount of the cap would rise in proportion to the average wage of $27/hour. The ad valorem exemption shall be vested over a period of 10 years.

    Companies that fail to expand or maintain operations as set forth in the Incentive Application or that cease operations shall have the amount of repayment pro-rated.
(Ord. 06-1475, adopted 12/07/2006)

SEC. 2-125.03 Sales Tax Rebate Policy

    St. Tammany Parish will grant a local rebate of sales tax paid on the purchase of construction materials on projects that meet the screening criteria. The amount of the rebate will be capped at 25 percent of first year payroll.

    St. Tammany parish may waive other ancillary fees related to economic development project development.

SEC. 2-125.04 Application Process

    1. The application will require the company to document the additional information needed to determine eligibility and to compute the amount of the ad valorem, sales tax and development agreement exemptions.

    2.Applications will be filed by the company with the Business Development Office of St. Tammany Parish.

    3.The application will be reviewed by the Business Development staff and by the Parish Council Member in whose district the project will be developed. In cases where an applicant's undertaking will occupy more than one council district, all impacted Council Members may participate and the Council Chairman shall appoint a representative from the Council to participate in the application review.

    4.The application will be screened by the St. Tammany Economic Development District Board of Directors, and will be returned to the Parish President with a recommendation.

    5.If recommended for approval the application will be forwarded to affected taxing jurisdictions with recommendation for approval.

    6.If the proposal entails sales tax and/or property tax incentives, the Parish Council will vote to approve or deny the application, by Resolution, at its next scheduled meeting, but with a 30 days public notice provision.

    The Parish Government shall administer all aspects of this ordinance, through the office of the Parish President.
(Ord. 06-1475, adopted 12/07/2006)