STATE REFERENCE: LSA R.S. 29:601, 29:608, 29:610, 29:611.


6-016.00 Created

    There is hereby created a local organization for civil defense. (Ord. No. 166, Bk. 2, P. 49)

STATE REFERENCE: LSA R.S. 29:608, Power of Police Jury to create Civil Defense Organization.


6-017.00 Director

    The local organization for Civil Defense shall have a Director who shall be appointed as provided by law, and who shall have direct responsibility for the organization, administration and operation of such local organization for Civil Defense subject to the direction and control of the Governor and the appropriate state agency.

    The Director shall execute and enforce such orders, rules and regulations as may be made by the appropriate state agency. (Ord. No. 166, Bk. 2, P. 49)


6-018.00 Gifts, Grants, Etc.

    When the Federal or State government or any agency or officer thereof shall offer this Parish service, equipment, supplies, materials, or funds by way of gift, grant or loan for purposes of civil defense, the Director, with the consent of the Police Jury and the Governor, may accept such offer and is authorized to receive such aid and assistance. (Ord. No. 166, Bk. 2, P. 49)


6-019.00 Plan

    The Director is authorized and directed to prepare a detailed plan for civil defense operations in this Parish, and to recruit and train personnel in accordance with the plan to the end that when disaster strikes, each member of the local organization will know his part and his duty. (Ord. No. 166, Bk. 2, P. 49)


6-020.00 Utilization Of Existing Services And Facilities

    The Director is hereby authorized to utilize the services of equipment, supplies and facilities of existing departments, offices and agencies of this Parish, to the maximum extent practicable and the officers and personnel of all such departments and agencies are directed to cooperate and extend such services and facilities to the President of the Police Jury and the Director upon request. (Ord. No. 166, Bk. 2, P. 49)