SEC. 8-001.00 - 8-013.00 Reserved

SEC. 8-014.00 Burning Restrictions/Safety Precautions During Periods of Drought

    The authority to impose restrictions on any activities conducted within unincorporated areas of the parish as a result of drought conditions shall rest jointly with the Parish President and the Chairman of the Parish Council.

    Restrictions shall be placed only when the Parish President and Council Chairman both agree that existing drought conditions warrant said restrictions.

    Restrictions shall be considered after informal consultation by the Parish President and the Council Chairman with officials located within the state and/or parish and experienced in matters of climatology, meteorology, forestry, fire, and/or public safety.

    Restrictions which may be placed by mutual consent of the Parish President and the Council Chairman include, but are not limited to, outdoor burning activities, fireworks, water usage, and measures to ensure citizen health and safety. Restrictions may be placed parish wide or limited to certain wards within the parish.

    Restrictions shall be imposed and established by a written “Notice of Restrictions due to Existing Drought Conditions” signed by both the Parish President and the Council Chairman; and which describes the conditions necessitating the restrictions, the type of restrictions imposed, the effective date of the restrictions, the length of time said restrictions are to remain in effect, not to exceed thirty (30) days, and the areas of the parish covered by the restrictions. Subsequent notices extending the restrictions may be executed without limitation.

    A “Notice of Restrictions” shall cease to be effective and thus revoked upon expiration of its term, or by written declaration by either the Parish President or the Council Chairman with reasons for the revocation.


8-015.00 Reimbursement Of Costs By Fire Protection Districts

    (a)    Any fire protection district and any volunteer fire department shall have the authority to charge any person causing or contributing to a discharge of a hazardous or nonhazard ous material or substance the extraordinary expenses of undertaking any remedial actions necessary to contain, abate, clean up, restore, or remove the discharge.

    (b)    The governing authority of any fire protection district assessing charges for remedial costs for actions taken in the cleaning up of any discharge of hazardous or nonhazardous material or substance as provided in this Section shall also have the authority to use any reasonable means to collect and enforce the collection of such costs.

    (c)    The governing authority of any fire protection district shall be entitled to recover the amount of said costs, together with all costs of court and reasonable attorney fees incurred in the enforcement of collection.
(Ord. No. 91-1537, adopted 12/19/91)

STATE REFERENCE NOTE: LSA R.S. 33:1974. CROSS REFERENCE NOTE: See Chapter 11, Section 11-050.00 for similar provisions.