11-016.00 Mosquito Abatement District No. 2; Boundaries

    The boundaries of the Mosquito Abatement District No. 2 are hereby expanded to be coextensive with the boundaries of the Parish of St. Tammany, State of Louisiana, and to comprise and embrace all of the area within the Parish.
(Ord. No. 86-726, adopted 10/16/86, Ord. No. 93-1851, adopted 10/21/93, Ord. 99-3217, adopted 12/16/99, Ord. 01-0254, adopted 02/01/2001; amended Ord. 01-0401, adopted 12/06/2001)

STATE REFERENCE: LSA R.S. 33:7721, Power to create Mosquito Abatement District.

SEC. 11-016.01 Reserved


11-017.00 Domicile

    The Mosquito Abatement District herein created is hereby named and shall be known as "Mosquito Abatement District No. 2, Parish of St. Tammany, Louisiana." Its corporate domicile shall be Slidell, Louisiana, at which domicile it may be sued and serviced of citation made on the President, and in his absence, upon the Secretary. (Ord. No. 462, Bk. 6, P. 284)


11-018.00 Board Of Commissioners

    The Mosquito Abatement District herein shall be governed by a Board of five (5) to be known as Commissioners, who shall be qualified electors in the District. There shall be four (4) appointments by the Parish Council. Those four (4) appointments shall consist of persons that are residents of and domiciled within the jurisdictional boundaries of the district. There shall be one (1) member nominated and appointed by the Parish President. (Ord. No. 462, Bk. 6, P. 284; amended by Ord. No. 00-0157, adopted 06/01/2000; amended Ord. 01-0254, adopted 02/01/2001)

STATE REFERENCE: LSA R.S. 33:7723, Board Required


11-019.00 Powers

    The Mosquito Abatement District herein created shall have and enjoy all of the powers, privileges and rights conferred upon such Districts by the Constitution and Laws of the State. (Ord. No. 462, Bk. 6, P. 284)
STATE REFERENCE: LSA R.S. 33:7724 et seq, Powers of Board and District.


11-020.00 Tower/structure height restrictions

    Any tower/structure within Mosquito Abatement District No. 2 and measuring more than one hundred sixty-five (165) feet in height shall be required to install a light atop said structure in order to identify its location and ensure the safety of all aircraft.

    On existing structures, owners, developers, contractors and/or businesses must comply with said lighting requirements within a period not to exceed six (6) months from the effective date of this ordinance.

    On new structures, a grace period of thirty (30) days, from the date construction is completed, will be allowed for compliance with the lighting requirement.

    "Light" shall mean an electric device equivalent to a beacon or similar apparatus to provide sufficient illumination, from dusk to dawn, for aircraft pilots to identify the location and height of such structures.(Ord. No. 97-2711, adopted 08/21/97)

SECS. 11-021.00 - 11-030.99 Reserved.