12-054.00 Created

    In accordance with the provisions of Act 1011 of the Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature for the year 1985, and other Constitutional and Statutory authority, there is hereby created a special taxing district within the Parish, containing all of that portion of Ward 8 as follows, excluding that portion contained within the present corporate boundaries of any municipality:

    All that certain piece or parcel of land, together with all the buildings and improvements thereon, and all the rights, ways, privileges, servitudes, appurtenances and advantages there unto belonging or in anyway appertaining, and being situated in Ward 8 are more fully described as follows:

    Commencing at the intersection of Interstate 10 and La. 1090 (Military Road), go south to the intersection of Gause Road; thence go southwest along Gause Road to the section line common to Sections 1 and 6; thence south along said section line to U.S. 190; thence in a southeasterly direction along U.S. 190 to its intersection with U.S. 90; thence in a northeasterly direction go along U.S. 90 to the bank of the West Pearl River; thence follow the meanderings of the main stream of the West Pearl River to its intersection with I-10; thence along I-10 in a northwesterly direction to the intersection of La. 1090 (Military Road), the point of beginning.
(Ord. No. 85-471, adopted 08/15/85)


12-055.00 Title; Seal; Governing Authority; Domicile; Officers

    The special taxing district created by this Article shall be known and is hereby designated as "Special Tax District No. 1 (Police Jury District No. 13) of the Parish of St. Tammany, State of Louisiana" (the "district"), and the seal of the Parish is hereby adopted as the seal of the district. The governing authority of the district shall be the Police Jury, the domicile shall be the regular meeting place of the Police Jury, and the officers of the Police Jury shall be the officers of the district. (Ord. No. 85-471, adopted 08/15/85)


12-056.00 Powers

    The district shall have all powers granted to it under Louisiana law, including the power to levy an ad valorem tax in accordance with Act 1011 of the Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature of 1985, and other constitutional and statutory authority. (Ord. No. 85-471, adopted 08/15/85)

SECS. 12-056.01 - 12-159.99 Reserved.