EDITORIAL NOTE: The numbering system was changed in May of 1991 to facilitate the inclusion of additional Ordinances. Section 13-020.00 was created for vehicular size limitations. Section 13-010.00 through 13-010.05 are renumbered 13-030.00 through 13- 030.05 under the New Division 4 and reprinted herein for consistency.


13-020.00 Limitation for Indian Mound Lane

EDITORIAL NOTE: New Section 13-020.00 created under the authority of Ordinance No. 90-1317, adopted 07/19/90 and Ordinance No. 90-1384, adopted 12/20/90.

    (A)    To provide for the health and safety of the residents of this Parish, more specifically those of Indian Mound Lane (8-P-008), Ward 8, District 13, it shall be unlawful for any person to operate any bus or truck having in excess of two (2) axles on Indian Mound Lane.

        (1)    ENFORCEMENT - shall be directed and empowered to the Sheriff's Department of St. Tammany Parish and any other authorized agent of St. Tammany Parish having jurisdiction.

        (2)    SIGNS - shall be the responsibility of the Department of Public Works to post and maintain the appropriate signs.
(Ord. No. 90-1317, adopted 07/19/90)

    (B)    It shall be unlawful for any commercial bus or similar multi-passenger commercial conveyance of 35 or more passenger capacity to have access to or traverse Indian Village Road or Indian Mound Lane in St. Tammany Parish.

    EXEMPTIONS: Exempted from the provisions hereof are commercial taxicabs, limousines, police, law enforcement and emergency vehicles.

    VIOLATIONS/PENALTIES - A violation of this Section shall constitute a misdemeanor punishable as is contained in Section 1-008.00 of the St. Tammany Parish Code of Ordinances. (Ord. No. 90-1384, adopted 12/20/90)
(Ord. No. 90-1317, adopted 07/19/90; amended by Ord. No. 90-1384, adopted 12/20/90)


13-021.00 Load Limits and Permits

    (a) There is hereby established as a maximum load limit on all hard-surfaced Parish Roads a gross weight of twelve (12) tons or eight (8) tons per axle unless posted otherwise. There is established as a maximum load limit on all Parish bridges a maximum gross weight of five (5) tons or eight (8) tons per axle unless posted otherwise.

    (b) Overload operations exceeding these maximum load limits require a permit to exceed these limits for a specified number of trips or days as required by the Director of the Department of Public Works or Parish Engineer. Such a permit shall be issued only if good cause and need is justified. All permits shall stipulate the roads to be traveled.

    (c) In order to obtain a permit it will be necessary to provide a bond in the form of a certified check or other surety satisfactory to the Department of Public Works to ensure that any damage caused by such overloading will be repaired by the parties responsible for overload operation.

    (d) The amount of the bond will not exceed the actual estimated cost of repairing and/or resealing the bituminous surfaced roads to be used by overloaded vehicles or in the actual estimated cost of repairing the bridges to be used by the overloaded vehicles.

    (e) The bonds will be returned at the end of the overload operations after an inspection by personnel from the Department of Public Works and after repairs, if any are required, have been completed to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works.

    G. In the event the permit holder does not make the repairs, if any are required, within thirty (30) days after the expiration of the permit, the surety will be used to make the repairs by personnel employed by the Police Jury and any balance returned to the permit holder. (Ord. No. 524, Bk. 7, P. 85; Ord. No. 626, Bk. 7, P. 528; Ord. No. 740, adopted 07/28/77)

SEC. 13-022.00 - 13-029.00 Reserved.