FROM:            Parish President Kevin Davis

DATE:             August 27, 2005

TIME:              12:30 PM

Hurricane Katrina Preparations-
Contra Flow Begins at 4pm

I am ordering an evacuation of all areas below I-12 by Noon Sunday.  Please be out of your homes by Noon.  Please leave the area.

This evacuation also includes all low-lying river areas in St. Tammany Parish including the Old Landing, Three Rivers and Tchefuncte River areas.

If you cannot leave the area, the Red Cross will open shelters at Noon Sunday at the following locations:

William Pitcher Jr High, 415 S. Jefferson St., Covington

Creekside Elementary,  65434 Highway 41, Pearl River


I am ordering this evacuation for the following reasons:

I.                    Hurricane Katrina has a weak steering current.  At this time, the National Weather Service is telling St. Tammany Parish to expect the following conditions:

a.       Sustained winds in excess of 40 mph beginning between 3 and 4 AM Monday morning

b.      Sustained winds in excess of 60 mph beginning about 9 AM Monday

c.       Sustained winds in excess of 75 mph beginning about 1 PM Monday

d.      Hurricane force winds may exceed 130 Miles per hour in St. Tammany and these winds may be sustained for 6 -7 hours

e.       As of our 4 PM briefing, the National Weather Service expects the eye of Hurricane Katrina to pass directly over STP

f.        The storm surge in Lake Pontchartrain may reach 14 to 18 feet

g.       Waves in the Lake may reach 7 feet above the storm surge

h.       Rainfall from Sunday evening through Monday evening is expected to be between 8 12 inches.  This amount of rain will cause heavy localized flooding and rivers are likely to over their banks in low lying areas

II.                 Contra Flow began at 4:00 PM today for info check any of these sources

i.         the contra flow maps we distributed

j. for evacuation information

k.      State police website

After evacuation, call 1-866-898-2323 for re-entry information.

Remember, Safety is our first concern.